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Ashley LeeAshley Lee
00:33 15 Jun 22
We tried Prep’d Fresh for the first time this week and we’re SO happy with it. I’ve been looking for a local option that would deliver ready made meals that only required heating and someone suggested Prep’d Fresh, we were not disappointed and now I am spreading the word about how amazing they are. I highly recommend ordering!
Hamilton Family DoulasHamilton Family Doulas
00:18 20 Apr 22
If you are sick of take out and looking for a healthy option, Prep'd Fresh is perfect. The portions were very generous, the food tasted fantastic and there is a really good variety of food types available each week including really great vegan options. Yum! We'll be ordering again!
Holly RomeroHolly Romero
21:33 28 Mar 22
Super delicious, healthy and affordable prepared meal service. Love everything we get from them! Love all the vegetarian options.
Anna LAnna L
02:49 09 Feb 22
Such a lifesaver! Our busy weeknights were made much easier by our prep’d fresh delivery this week... delicious meals and no prep involved, just heat and serve. Will be ordering again for sure.
L DroogendykL Droogendyk
01:25 01 Dec 21
Yum! We liked almost everything, most we would rate 8/10. Of course wish there were more vegetarian options but considering the size of the menu they offer quite a bit!

Introducing the

Prep'd Fresh Perks Program

  • Welcome to Prep’d Fresh Meal Kit Program for Employers! We offer fully prepared, healthy, and affordable meals delivered to homes or offices across Southern Ontario.
  • Our program is designed to help busy professionals stay healthy and productive by providing delicious and convenient meal options.
  • Show your team you care by providing them with a meal kit program that will improve their work performance and overall wellbeing.

(But don’t just take our word for it) Hear what the experts have to say!


The Benefits of Our Meal Kit Program for Employers

1. Boost Productivity

By providing employees with healthy meal options, you’ll increase their energy levels, leading to better work performance.

2. Improve Employee Morale

Offering a meal kit program can increase job satisfaction and loyalty, leading to reduced turnover and hiring costs.

3. Support Overall Wellness

Providing healthy meal options can support overall employee wellness, leading to reduced absenteeism.

How it works


 Decide on the gift amount – you can offer a one-time gift or monthly subsidy to employees for delicious, ready-to-eat meals.


Invite employees to place orders – we’ll provide a discount code for them to use.


Meals are prepared and delivered – we partner with local chefs and delivery drivers to prepare and deliver the meals.


We take care of the subsidy – we’ll take care of the weekly or monthly subsidy amounts with the employer.

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