Dinner parties are a great way to spend time with family and friends, as well as eat some tasty food. Some people wonder if hosting a dinner party with children can be difficult to do, but in reality, it’s not difficult at all. Here are some tips to consider before hosting your first dinner party with children.

Dinner Parties with Kids: Quick Stress-Free Tips for Success

1 – Make Room for the Kids

Part of hosting a dinner party is making sure that the kids are included and comfortable. That means making room for them at the party. One tip is to send older kids outside to play as your guests arrive, or if you don’t have a yard, find an activity for them to do. Set up a blanket for them in the living room, or if you have a playroom, set up a few different activities for them to do. Make sure there is something for them to do so they are not running around and bothering your guests while they are eating. If a young child is present, don’t forget to have a few activities out for them to play with.

2 – Have Kid-Friendly Food Options

One of the most important things to remember when hosting a dinner party with children is to have enough food for the kids, even if you don’t plan to serve them much of it. You might want to set up a kids’ table with a simple meal for them, or you could give them several small snacks so that they aren’t starving while the adults are dining on your more adult-oriented meal.

3 – Keep Them Busy

If you do have a playroom, consider having your kids do some crafts while you and your guests are eating. Keep them busy by having a craft table set up so they can do their craft, and then they can display it when they are done.

4 – Include Them in the Conversation

As you are hosting your dinner party, keep the kids involved with the dinner party by asking them questions. If a guest asks what their favourite part of the day is, ask them about it. Ask them if they have any funny stories to share or if they have any tips for you. Asking them questions is great because it keeps them occupied, and it also gets them talking and talking to the guests.

5 – Let Them Be Kids

Remember that the kids are there to have fun and enjoy the dinner party. They don’t need to listen to every word you say. Have a good time and just let them be kids. Laugh and joke with them, and let them have some fun.


Dinner parties can be a great way to spend an evening with some friends and family. If you have young children and are new to hosting dinner parties, then consider following these tips to make your dinner parties with kids stress-free for everyone. These tips will help you ensure that your meal will be fun for everyone, and your kids will love you for it!

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