Being on your own and feeling lonely when you’re sleep-deprived and raising a child is not good for your mental health. Everybody needs support, especially moms.

For some people, it’s quite easy to reach out to others and start making friends, but that’s not the case for everyone. A lot of people identify as introverts or simply shy, and for them, making new “Mom Friends” can be hard.

There are a few simple tricks to finding mom friends that we can learn from the world’s extroverts, though. Here are some of the most effective ones:

Start from Your Neighbours

Whether you’re living in a big city or a small town, get in contact with the other moms in your building or apartment complex. It’s so easy to turn into a stay-at-home mom and be isolated from the rest of the world. But by building a strong relationship with your neighbours, you’ll be able to keep yourself busy and active. If you live in a big city, go introduce yourself to your neighbours and see if you can organize a playdate with other moms/ children. If you’re living in a small town, try to organize a mother’s night out.

Start Your Own Playgroup

If you can’t find one in your area, you can start your own playgroup. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, you can just form a group of moms and children that meet regularly. Either at a public park or at your own house, you can organize weekly playdates where you and your kids can get some exercise and spend some time with kids their age.

Meet Moms at Parks and Kids’ Classes

It’s quite easy to find moms at parks and kids’ classes because most moms need their kids to socialize and have some time to themselves. They’re also essential places to build a friendship. 

If there are other children in your neighbourhood going to the same school as your child, you can go to the school and introduce yourself to the other moms. If there isn’t a school in your area, you can still go to the park and meet other moms on the playground.

Join Mom Groups Online

There are many different kinds of mom groups online. You can join mommy Facebook groups, for example, and meet other moms there. It’s a great way to network and get to know other moms in your area. From there you’ll find moms that share the same interests as yours.

Say ‘Yes’ to Invites

If you get an invite to something, say ‘yes’. It doesn’t have to be a party. In fact, it’s even better if someone is inviting you for coffee or just for a walk around the neighbourhood. So, start saying yes to at least one thing a week. You might feel out of your element and you might feel uncomfortable at first, but once you start going to more and more groups, you’ll feel more at ease, especially when you see that other moms are not that different from you.


There might be other moms in your area that would like to meet up with you and make friends, but they just don’t know how to approach you. Therefore, it’s essential that you reach out to other moms in your area, too. By following the tips mentioned above, you’ll find it easier to find new mom friends! Remember that you need not think hard of topics to talk about or events to invite potential mom friends to. You can even start a conversation about something as light as getting pre-prepared meals or the best preschool in your neighbourhood.

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