Holidays can be both enjoyable and stressful. With everything else going on, spending time with family and friends can be confusing. The following sections will show you some of the best tips and strategies for helping working moms enjoy the holidays.

Find Easier Alternatives

Choosing the easier options is acceptable if you have young children. Sign up to provide the drinks or the napkins when you receive the list for the Thanksgiving lunch at your child’s school picnic. 

The entree doesn’t always have to be prepared by you. You may have cooked homemade desserts for children’s school celebrations for years, and it felt wonderful to volunteer to provide plates and napkins one year. Simplify as much as you can, especially if you’re busy at work.

Determine where you can simplify. It might not be about a school party. Bring a bottle of wine, gather some bread and cheese, get something delicious from a nearby small business, or think about buying the same present for everyone. Keep the best presents for your children and partner.

Holidays Can Be Both Relaxing and Demanding

Your professional pursuits demand a lot of your time. You’ve been juggling work and life all year. Then, on top of that, add the Christmas to-do list. Thinking about that makes me feel a little overwhelmed.

Family and friends are frequently present throughout the holidays. Together with your loved ones, it might be enjoyable. There are many moving components at this time, which can also be stressful. And you frequently want the kids to have a wonderful season. 

In addition to the regular coordination required when dealing with family and friends for holiday gatherings, there may be travel or getting your home ready for guests, preparing the food, and spending additional time with kids while you’re trying to get items done.

Even during the holidays, you are not required to give your all time. Choose the things that actually require the most energy. Be deliberate about how you use your time. 

What if you extended a little grace to yourself over the holidays? How might it assist you in handling your holiday stress more effectively?

Maintain a Clear Headspace

Your home may be bustling during the holidays. It’s great if you deliberately spend time and effort creating mental space for yourself around the holidays, especially during the pandemic. It might be anything that can assist you. 

By doing this, you may guarantee that you truly enjoy the present. And a little tip on something that I find useful, especially around the holidays. Self-care won’t happen unless you put it on your calendar.

You may have a different definition of self-care and mental space. Drink that wine while you clean or prepare things. Indulge in a warm bath after the kids are in bed. Go fishing or walking with or without your family. 

Perhaps even go out to lunch with a friend while the grandparents amuse the children. Take a minute for yourself any way you need to.


Always feel free to decline if you can’t handle the event on that day or during the next week. There are other opportunities to spend time with the people you care about throughout the year. And they’ll comprehend.

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