As a working mom, finding time to connect with other moms can be tough. But building a supportive group is vital for your sanity and your career. Having friends who understand your challenges and can offer advice and support can make a big difference in your life as a working mom.

Here are some tips to help you build and foster your connections with other moms:

1. Get Involved in a Local Moms’ Group

There are likely several groups in your area that meet regularly. That is a great way to meet other moms and get support. You can share your experiences and advice with other members and learn from their experiences as well. Additionally, it’s a great way to stay connected with your community and make new friends.

2. Connect with Other Moms Online

There are many online communities for moms. It can be a great way to connect with other moms, even if you can’t meet in person regularly. You can share information, advice, and support with other mothers who understand your situation. You can also find information and resources to help in your parenting journey.

3. Join or Start a Working Moms Group in Your Area

Working mom groups can provide invaluable support, advice, and friendship during the ups and downs of parenting while also trying to maintain a career. They can help working moms connect and share tips on balancing work and motherhood. 

These groups can also provide a much-needed outlet for venting about the challenges of being a working mom. If you’re interested in joining or starting a working moms group in your area, reach out to your local community center or search online for one in your area.

4. Attend Events for Working Moms

There are often conferences and events specifically for working moms. Those are excellent ways to meet other working moms and learn from each other. You can learn about different ways to juggle work and motherhood, get tips on managing your time, and find out about resources to help you in your career.

5. Join a Professional Organization for Working Moms

There are plenty of professional organizations for working moms, so finding the right one for you shouldn’t be too difficult. Joining one of these groups can be a great way to connect with other working moms and access professional development opportunities.

6. Get Involved in Your Child’s School

There are many ways to get involved in your child’s school. You can volunteer in the classroom, help with school events, or join the PTA. It’s a great way to meet other moms and get involved in your child’s education while making new connections along the way.

7. Schedule Regular Coffee Dates or Playdates with Other Moms

Just getting together for a chat and some adult conversation can do wonders for your mood and energy levels.


Building a supportive tribe of working moms is essential for your career and sanity. By getting involved in local moms’ groups, connecting with other moms online, attending events for working moms, and joining professional organizations, you can build a strong network of support. This network can give you the encouragement and resources you need to succeed in your career while raising a family.

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