Cambridge is a lovely city in southwestern Ontario. Here, you will find historical landmarks, recreational opportunities, and stunning natural scenery. The city is divided into the towns of Galt, Hespeler, and Preston. It is located at the junction of the Grand and Speed rivers, aiding the growth of milling, manufacturing, and brewing businesses.

While Cambridge sounds like a lovely place to see, there are more things one can experience here. From fun and entertainment to food and drinks, and sights and nature, this city has many activities to offer you, your friends, and your loved ones.

Read on to discover everything you can do for your next trip to Cambridge.

For Fun & Entertainment

1. Visit the Hamilton Family Theatre

The Hamilton Family Theatre is located in the heart of Cambridge’s historic district. This modern theatre is a fantastic two- to three-hour activity. The theatre has 500 seats and world-class acoustics.

2. Visit Idea Exchange Old Post Office

Visit the famous Old Post Office restoration project. Individuals with creative minds can tinker, draw, construct, and build at Idea Exchange (IDEX). The magnificent facility includes a maker space and a creative studio.

3. Visit Idea Exchange Queen’s Square

Contemporary art is on display at the Idea Exchange (IDEX) Queen’s Square public library. Members get access to the library, common garden, and gardening tools.

For Food & Drinks

1. Eat at Barnacle Bills

Barnacle Bills, a Grand River family-owned restaurant, was voted the best in Cambridge for the classic fish & chips dish. After lunch, take a stroll along the river before spending the evening in the city centre.

2. Shop at Cambridge Farmers’ Market

The Cambridge Farmers’ Market is located on Dickson and Ainslie in East Galt. It has been selling crafts and food since 1830 and is open on Saturdays and holidays.

3. Drink at Four Fathers Brewing Co.

Four Fathers Brewing Co. in Hespeler serves amazing burgers and beer. Here, you can play nine holes of disc golf on a bright and sunny day.

4. Snack at Reid’s Candy & Nut Shop

Reid’s Candy & Nut Shop, which opened in 1935, is still a popular snack spot for all ages. This spot is famous for its velvety chocolates, delicious apples, and almonds.

For Sights & Nature

1. Visit the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory’s 10,800-square-foot indoor tropical garden is home to 2,000 butterflies. Here, people of all ages can learn about insects and how caterpillars turn into butterflies. 

2. Visit the Cambridge City Hall

The Cambridge City Hall is located near Galt and the Fire Hall Museum. The architecture alone is worth a visit, and nearby is The Cambridge Centre for the Arts.

3. Visit the Cambridge Sculpture Garden

The Cambridge Sculpture Garden offers a selection of remarkable sculptures that will inspire your imagination. Here, it features a 130-year-old oak tree in a beautiful setting. 

4. Visit the McDougall Cottage Historic Site

McDougall Cottage exemplifies Cambridge’s Scottish ancestry. This house is now a museum dedicated to Scottish stonework. You will find that granite and dolomite limestone is common in Galt cottages dating back to the 1800s.

5. Visit the Queens Square Fountain

Queens Square and the fountain are both beautiful downtown spots. A stroll across the medieval bridge will bring you to this peaceful spot where you may enjoy a picnic or a cup of coffee while people-watching at Melville Cafe or Grand Cafe.

6. Visit the Sheave Tower

Sheave Tower is an undiscovered gem that both tourists and locals should explore.


Who knew there were so many things you could do in Cambridge? Now that you know what’s in store for you, this city is all yours to enjoy. Simply take a break, plan that trip, and make awesome memories in Cambridge!

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